Details. Fundamentals. Consistancy. These are just words, but, these words have a great impact on your skill level and more importantly improving your skill level. One of the essential terms for bowling is using your target as a guide. Often 'Targetting' used with a consistant delivery will provide desired results.

Don't think of targetting in terms of using cross hairs, but more in lines of a guide to locate an area in which you deliver your ball and the ball reacts in a manner that causes a strike or completes a spare. Basic targeting includes locating your foot position, focal point, bowling style (including ball speed) and ball evaluation.

Approach Dots
This set of 'Dots' are where you will line your feet up prior to your approach. Use these recognizable reference points to line your feet up and establish your bowling stance. Foot placement has a great deal of effect on your launch angle and where everything starts.

The Arrows or darts are found approximately 16 feet down the lanes, past the foul line. The centermost arrow (20 board) will be the most distant and the arrows left and right will be closer. Their are 7 arrows on each lane, 3 on each side of the center arrow. Used in accordance to where you line your feet up with the Approach Dots, this will begin your targetting. The arrows, as a reference, are 5 boards between each arrow and the boards themselves are often used as reference points.

Range Markers
The 10th Range Marker (also Rangefinder) is located from 40 feet to 43 feet down the lanes, while the 15th Range Marker extends from 34 feet to 37 feet. These markers go un noticed even to some of your highley skilled bowlers.  Using your Arrows and watching your ball through the markers will help improve your game. Look for these markers next time you go bowling.

So whether you are pin bowling, spot bowling area bowling or three point targetting, be consistant in your delivery, be fundamentally sound pay attention to details and most of all have 'Fun.'