A fascinating sport in its own right, and certainly a past time that people have been able to enjoy with a wide variety of leisure work across the board, bowling has an extensive history that reaches back thousands and thousands of years. In fact, most people may not realize it, but bowling is something that has been around for centuries in one form or another, and has interestingly been practiced and enjoyed by many cultures all around the world with passion and fervor since nearly the dawn of civilization.

Bowling has many forms, but the current ten-pin form that is typically the most played and best recognized likely originated back in Ancient Egypt several thousand years ago. This 2,000 year old game was developed by Ancient Egyptians and others who would place out lawn pins and knock them over with rolling balls.

The ancient Roman Empire also got into the game when it came to forms of lawn bowling, though they may have been even more primitive than those in Egypt; in Rome, people would take rocks and toss them as close as possible to other stone objects in an attempt to knock them down and score points. This game would then move on to become the current-day Italian game of bocce, or lawn bowling.

The first standardized, modern day rules for bowling as the sport we know today were originated in New York City, and developed in 1895. These rules developed into a more modern day game of bowling that more and more people know, understand, and recognize, and in time they have become the sport that people today know and love.

All around the country and the world, various bowling league opportunities have popped up in the last few decades, and millions upon millions of people play the sport both competitively and recreationally. In turn, too, bowling equipment sells at a lightning pace as people become more and more eager to enjoy their bowling times and time spent on the game itself.

Bowling continues to prove to be one of the most popular sports and games on the planet, surprisingly, even though it has taken many forms and been taken on by many cultures over the years. This is likely due to the fact that physically, most anyone can bowl – it does not require a significant physical ability or talent for people to enjoy the game and have fun in their bowling league, or with their friends and family.

Additionally, bowling equipment continues to be relatively inexpensive, and the sport itself has seen a resurgence of late when it comes to people who would like to enjoy it with friends and family, and without worrying about cost, injuries, or other issues that come up with many other sports and recreational activities.

Contributing Author - Jimmy Chronicle