bowlerWith hundreds of bowling balls available to choose from, the pro's at All Star Bowling can help you decide what will work best for you. If you're a beginner, enthusiast or ultra competitive, we can help your game.

Although ball specifications may be similar, the actual performance of each ball may vary. Which namebrand do I go with? Storm? Ebonite? Hammer? Roto Grip? All very popular choices, but which one will work best for you? Take your game to the next level by finding out which balls work best with your game and style.

Inside the ball is a core which is dynamically imbalanced to cause the ball to try to stabilize as it is rolling down the lane.This makes the ball roll over a different point on the surface every time it revolves and "flares" or causes multiple rings of oil as it travels down the lane. Bowling ball cores are constructed with different densities as well. Some are center heavy (low rg) and some cores are made with the weight distributed more towards the cover of the ball (high rg). Low rg balls will spin more easily than the high rg balls.

The behavior of a rolling ball on a surface is controlled by several factors, the most obvious being the bowler's delivery. In the delivery, the bowler can use or fight (intentionally or unintentionally) the force of gravity. After the ball is on the surface of the lane, friction, gyroscopic inertia, and gravity all become factors. These environmental influences can be segregated as either lane conditions or ball characteristics. Additionally, a bowling ball is not an absolutely uniform sphere—the gripping holes (and sometimes a balance hole) alone make that impossible.

Is it crystal clear yet? Chances are it's not. Collectively, we have 50 years of bowling and pro-shop experience at All Star Bowling & Trophy. That experience will allow us to determine the shot you use, what you're comfortable with and from there we can recommend what ball would work best for you.