stormbowlingshoesIf you haven't purchased a pair of bowling shoes before, you may not know where to begin. Let's face it, outside of your local bowling alleys and pro shops, bowling shoes are a rare commodity. But if you want to bowl more often, or possibly improve your game, you may want to consider buying bowling shoes that best fit your ability as well as your frequency of bowling. Below, we'll provide a few tips that will enhance your decision when it's time to purchase your next pair of bowling shoes.

Athletic Bowling Shoes

Athletic style bowling shoes are a type of shoe that has a look and feel of normal or regular athletic shoe, but is made specifically for bowling. Athletic style bowling shoes have a sliding sole on both the lkeft and right shoe, which is good for beginner or enthusiasts who bowl occasionally or once a week.

Performance Bowling Shoes
By design, these shoes are specifically made for the sport of bowling, which will help create consistency in your approach to bowling and your performance. Each shoe has a specific job. One shoe is for sliding upon release at the line, the other is for pushing off and braking. Left & right handed bowlers will each wear opposite type shoes for each function.


Of course like normal shoes, bowling shows come in a wide variety of widths, sizes, colors and name brands. This will lead to some personal choices and research on your part. That's one of the reasons we are here. With plenty of experience, we can help you navigate through your choices until you make the right decision.