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Check out some of our "Rave Reviews." These are actual quotes from some of the top bowlers in the area! Do you have something good to say about All Star Bowling & Trophy? Email us at info@allstarbowlingtrophy.com, we look forward to hearing from you.

William Earley

"Great place to go for all bowling equipment!"

Aaron Fultz

"Great bowlers, great prices, great guys. Go see Mark and Joe at all star bowling, you'll quickly see why they receive so many great recommendations!"

Brian Bosak

"Just wanted to thank Joe and Mark O'Connell for meeting me at their shop and spending several hours watching me bowl, giving me some pointers, and providing some advice for future equipment choices. They even tried to educate this old dog on all of the terminology used with today's equipment. Thanks again!!!"

Scott Bowersock

"Nothing but good news when I work with pro's at All Star. True professionals and great guys to talk to!"

Minh Grougan

"Joe and Mark have been drilling up my equipment for a couple years now. Perfect pin placement for the way I roll my ball and they are always willing to talk about lanes and lane condition."

Eddie Jones

"Mark & Joe took their time to go over my equipment and ball lay out. Ultimately, the first time I bowled after visiting them I rolled a 770 @ Plaza Lanes. Needless to say, I'll be getting my equipment drilled there from now on!"


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